The Latino Future Leaders of Idaho (Youth) Objective, is to be an ongoing program that will provide Socio-Economic Development Skills that will encourage and help prepare the L. F. L. I. participants further their Education and this program will provide them with skills that will help them be successful.


The Mission: 

  • Increase cultural awareness and engagement;
  • Overcome barriers to access and unity among all constituents of the Idaho community;
  • Provide education and training for youth and adults.

Brief History:  In 1995 the Idaho Commission of Hispanic Affairs retained Planmakers to prepare feasibility studies for the creation of a Cultural Center in Idaho for the growing Hispanic population. The studies were sponsored by The Idaho Commission on the Arts and helped determine the needs and steps necessary to implement the Center.  HCCI was incorporated in May of 1977, and received its 501(c) (3) non-profit status in April 1998.  It functioned as a center without walls until a 33,000 square foot building opened its doors in September 2003. 

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The Promotion and practice the arts helps develop our capacities


Your generous contribution of time and funds will support a vibrant and thriving center that proudly represents the heritage of our great Hispanic community.


Hispanic Cultural Center, offers a meeting place for sharing information, knowledge, and the inclusion where the promotion of social, personal, and  cultural change  is done through the arts and culture.


By supporting the arts, will help to discover, excercise our capabilities. Together we can make a difference, by participating in the programs and events that the HISPANIC CULTURAL CENTER offers to our community.



The HCCI conducts after-school programs that focus on art and cultural traditions, personal development, Socio-Economic Development, Educational Workshops for  Better Health (through Cooking Classes) and Educational Attainment.  Partnerships with different performing arts, cultural and social organizations have allowed the HCCI to establish continuous programs year after year.


The  volunteers at the  Hispanic Cultural Center play a key role in the public events and daily operations of the Center. 

Our mission and History:

Latinos Continue to Fight Racism in Idaho

The fight for LGBT rights in Idaho is the latest in a half-century struggle for state protection from discrimination and bigotry. From small towns to major cities to the legislative chambers, racism in Idaho has certainly been a long struggle for the growing Hispanic community, which now comprises 11.5 percent of the state’s population. In a recent Idaho Statesman editorial, nationally renowned and respected constitutional historian David Adler took Idaho’s political leadership to task for tolerating bigotry and racism. He challenged Gov. C. L. “Butch” Otter to recognize it as a serious problem and address it in his 2014 State of the State speech.