The HCCI conducts after-school programs that focus on art and cultural traditions, personal development, Socio-Economic Development, Educational Workshops for  Better Health (through Cooking Classes) and Educational Attainment.  Partnerships with different performing arts, cultural and social organizations have allowed the HCCI to establish continuous programs year after year.

The Foundation staff is a group of resourceful professionals whose enthusiasm and passion for the Center are apparent from the minute you meet them. 
The Foundation staff works directly with individuals, corporations and other foundations to optimize their support at Hispanic Cultural Center. The staff is available to assist with many opportunities, sponsorships, planned giving, memberships and  much

The Promotion and practice of the arts helps develop our capacities

MANNY MARIN VELASCO           Director of Culture


The Hispanic Cultural Center (HCCI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all people as well as to recognize, celebrate,  preserve the arts, heritage, and cultural values, while building collaborative relationships and promoting self-sustainability.

The Launching or birth of the Latino Future Leaders of Idaho came about the personal need of the Director of Culture at H.C.C.I.  Mr. Manny Marin  Velasco and members of the community reaching out in need to the Director and Hispanic Cultural Center Idaho.  As a resource or to help them find a resource or resources to help them fulfill their Children’s dreams to better their lives through further Education. Together with H.C.C.I Community Outreach –Volunteer Coordinator Leonel Garcia reaching for support of many Business Leaders, Community Organizations, Community Social Services Organizations and Faith Communities, came to fruition of the First Generation of the Latino Future Leaders of Idaho workshop.  The Latino Future Leaders of Idaho will be one of the permanent ongoing programs and will be offered at H. C. C. I. every year.
The Latino Future Leaders of Idaho (Youth) Objective, is to be an ongoing program that will provide Socio-Economic Development Skills that will encourage and help prepare the L. F. L. I. participants further their Education and this program will provide them with skills that will help them be successful.

    Leadership Development
    Scholarship Application
    Mentorship (Psychology
    Economic and Social Development
    Learning to Wait
    Public Speaking – The Benefits of Being Bilingual
    Health / Drug Prevention and Pregnancy Prevention     >   Civic Accountability


 Volunteer Coordinator


Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho 

Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho non-profit organization is a learning Center, where individuals and families can interact and share a positive learning experience. The 30,000 square feet facility is located at 315 Stampede Drive on the corner of Garrity Blvd. and Stampede Dr. in Nampa.

The building is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for conducting business meetings, educational classes, distance learning and more. Our classrooms, conference rooms and lecture hall are all equipped with a computer and electronic whiteboard technology and will accommodate portable computers and related equipment. Among other features, the Center contains:

Classrooms, Office Space, Conference Room, Lecture Hall, Gift Shop, Heritage Center, Child Play Area, Youth Program Area, Culinary Instruction Room, Multi-use Room

Computer Lab, Bilingual Library, Administrative Offices, Courtyard.        

          SANDY MARIN 

      Assistant Event Planner



Your generous contribution of time and funds will support a vibrant and thriving center that proudly represents the heritage of our great Hispanic community. Join the many individuals making a difference. Your tax deductible donation will support our efforts to celebrate and share the richness and culture of our Hispanic community. Thank you and  celebrate by  giving

If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's serving food aid in the kitchen, painting walls of a newly repaired Center, or collecting donations, we need you. And so do the communities in need.